Art Installation

ARC Fine Art Services provide a comprehensive art installation service for private and corporate clients.

Whether you require picture hanging for a single picture or mirror, or an entire household or offices our team of expert art installers will be able to assist you. 

We hang pictures using professional gallery techniques. These ensure that works sit perfectly level and flush against the wall, without need for adjustment over time. Our style of hanging is very precise. We are adept at installing formal arrangements of picture frames in grids and rogues galleries. We also have extensive experience in the safe hanging of large, heavy and technically challenging pictures, mirrors, sculptures and antiquities.

And as experienced installers, our team is well equipped to advise on placement of artworks, should this be desired. We can advise on the optimal positioning of works—helping choose works which will best complement a room’s decor and architecture. And beyond aesthetic considerations, we are also conscious of taking into account environmental factors: i.e. excessive sunlight, heat or moisture.

Our company is based in Tauranga. We primarily service the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Coromandel regions, and we do travel further afield on request.

Art Installation Enquiry

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