Art Advisory

Providing tailored art services that support all aspects of art collecting, including selection and curation, acquisition, insurance valuations and collection management. 

Having and owning a collection of original artworks, which are engaging and beautiful, and also culturally important and collectable, is something which many aspire to attain. It is also something which people often find intimidating, especially when starting out. Certainly one requires a considerable investment of time and energy to best determine what is worthwhile collecting and what is not; this is where the services of professional art consultants and advisors can be a great asset to collectors.   

Over the past eight years we have proudly assisted a variety of individuals and organisations across the Bay of Plenty, in building collections of high-quality works by important contemporary artists from New Zealand and abroad. This includes people who are entirely new to collecting, and others who have collected for some time but are now looking to make more shrewd choices as to what pieces they choose to invest in; as well as businesses and organisations that are wanting their furnishing collections to possess and hold value, speaking both in cultural and monetary terms. 

Should you feel that you might be interested our advisory service please do not hesitate to get in touch


Please note: market appraisals and artwork resales are not services we generally provide to new clients. If you have an inherited an artwork that you feel is possibly of some value and are interested in potentially moving on, we recommend contacting one of the auction houses, located in Auckland, that specialise in the resale of fine art and collectables. These businesses are best equipped to assist you with your enquiry. We are happy to assist with transportation of artworks to these establishments should you require.